Thursday, February 17, 2011

36 tons of aid waits for Wasior

Up to 36 tons of humanitarian aid intended for victims of last year's flash flood in Wasior, West Papua, have been unable to reach them because of limited sea transportation facilities serving the region.

“There is about 36 tons of aid in the form of food, garments and other items that have not been sent to Wasior because of a lack of vessels to carry them,” said Feliks Rumbewas, the head of the social services agency in the neighboring regency of Biak Numfor, as quoted by on Tuesday.

Feliks said the aid had been donated by people in Biak Numfor. Wasior is a district of Teluk Wondama regency.

Feliks said he expected the aid would be sent by the end of this week, and was currently waiting for information from the Teluk Wondama administration on whether it should be sent straight to Wasior or to nearby Manokwari.