Sunday, January 29, 2012

Papuan Political Prisoner Refused Medical

The Asian Human Rights Commission released an urgent appeal on Friday calling on Indonesian authorities to allow a political prisoner suffering from a tumor to receive medical treatment.

AHRC reported that political prisoner Kimanus Wenda, held at the Nabire prison in Papua, needs surgery on a tumor in his stomach.

The report alleged the Papua legal and human rights department has refused to pay for Kimanus’s treatment, acting against a state law that requires the provision of medical fees and treatment.

“Wenda has had a tumor in his stomach and is constantly vomiting. He informed the health staff at Nabire prison but was not given any adequate response,” the report said.

Authorities have countered that Kimanus does not require the surgery.

Kimanus has suffered from the tumor since 2010. He was found guilty of rebellion in 2004 following a burglary at the Jayawijaya Wamena military district staff headquarters armory. Kimanus was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

AHRC filed another urgent appeal on Thursday regarding the arrest of three activists and nine locals in Kurulu, Papua.

“Armed officers came to Umpagalo at around 11 p.m., they beat three local activists, Melianus Wantik, Edo Doga and Markus Walilo, as well as nine villagers ... then stabbed them with bayonets for two hours, forced them to crawl and doused them with water for one hour.”

The report alleges that the officers acted without any command letter of authorization on unsubstaintiated allegations of a Free Papua Movement (OPM) meeting in the village.