Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4 HIV positive pregnant women found in Merauke in August: KPA

At least 14 women were found to be HIV positive in Merauke, Papua, during the month of August, four of them pregnant, the HIV/AIDS Prevention Commission (KPA) reports.

Merauke KPA secretary Heni Astuti Suparman added that last month around 240 people were tested for HIV/AIDS in her area.

"The greatest concern was finding four of those HIV positive women were pregnant," she said.
At least six of the HIV positive women were classified as in high-risk groups and one had worked as a showgirl, Hen said. She further added that at least eight HIV positive pregnant women had been found in Merauke since December last year.

The findings are alarming because HIV/AIDS has increasingly spread in the housewife group, which now accounts for at least 169 people living with HIV/AIDS in Papua.

Meanwhile, the numbers of HIV positive husbands whose wives are HIV positive is currently unknown.
"Some have been tested and the results have come back negative. We will test again to make sure," Heni said Sunday as reported by kompas.com.

Source; http://www.thejakartapost.com