Monday, February 14, 2011

Manhunt underway after 17 escape Manokwari prison

Authorities have launched a manhunt for 17 inmates who escaped from Manokwari Detention Center in West Papua on Sunday.

"The manhunt is still being carried out by the Manokwari Detention Center. We'll see how it goes," detention center warden William Kmor said on Monday as quoted by

The escapees were comprised of thirteen convicts, identified by their initials WR, FI, DS, RS, RM, MS, MR, DI, TRNB, TT, FRMD, JN and FMW, and four detainees in pre-trial detention, identified as SN, AS, SP and IY.

William said that the breakout happened after religious services around noon on Sunday when several inmates crowded the prison entrance and rushed one of the officers on guard.

"There were two officers assigned to the post. The other was making his rounds. The officer who was rushed was wounded," William said.